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Summer is Here

Things have improved a lot since the last time I wrote. The lady that works as the executive assistant to Chief Reyes (who is the chief chief) is planning to retire at the end of June, and she’s brought me back into admin to train with her so I can take her place once she leaves. It is so nice to be back in admin! Having an 8-5 M-F is so great, the midnight shift in Booking was killing me. My sleep schedule is still readjusting, like bad jet lag, but it’s nice to be able to plan things on the weekends again, look forward to having holidays off, you know, have a damned life.

There’s still some uncertainty that I’ll actually get her spot, since they have to open up the position to everyone once she actually leaves, but she, my current Captain, and my former Captain, are all putting in recommendations for me, so that will be a big leg up. I’m spending my down time polishing and updating my resume, too. Even if I don’t get the new position, at least it will be six weeks I won’t be in Booking, since I’m officially “on loan” until she retires.

My mental health is doing better, too. I definitely won’t say I’m doing great, and I still have my bad days, but I’m working on things, and I feel like things are really improving.

I’ve even felt good enough that I pulled some UFOs out from under the bed and have started doing a bit of hand-sewing again. I’m working on finishing the blue and pink 1760s stays that I started a while back and that needed some alterations in the hip area, and as soon as I finish binding the bottom edge I can actually check those off the list. I’m going to finish the flossing on my green 1870s stays, too, so I can finally call them 100% done. I still don’t have the space to really make a gown or anything, but at least I can work on small stuff.

M’s had a bit of an upswing, too. A colleague at the university office he works in gave him a preliminary job offer. It sounds like they’re going to create the position specifically for him and have it waiting for him once he graduates next spring, working in the recruitment office. It sort of throws a kink in our plans to move up north next year, but we talked it over, and he’s planning to take it if it does become a reality, especially if I also get the executive assistant position with the chief. So, we may be in Texas for a couple more years, but if we stick to the savings plan I came up with, then we may only need to be here for maybe two or three more years before we could finally leave. Neither one of us want to stay in Texas anymore. West Virginia has now become Maine in our plans which will mean more rural, which I like, and more snow, which he likes, and we’re both anxious to move forward with our lives. We’ve both felt so stuck.

But, at least if we can’t move just yet it does mean that we can make Paris happen for next year. We’re planning to combine it with his graduation trip, and I still want to squeeze in a week in Germany, so I may have to finagle the time off a little bit, but three weeks in Europe would be SO GREAT. So it will probably be one week in Prague, one week in Paris, and one week in Germany. We may whittle down the week in Paris a bit since there are a few things in Germany that M wants to see that are pretty far apart, but I really only have a few things I want to do in Paris, so it wouldn’t be too big a sacrifice.

Of course, that all depends on whether or not we decide to stay in Texas or if we just want to take the chance and move to Maine right away, job offers be damned. It’s all very up in the air right now.

In completely unrelated news, I went to the doctor for an eye infection, and they made me stand on the world’s rudest scale, which told me I was 20 pounds heavier than I thought I was. It looks like I have about 100 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight, which sounds hideously unattainable. I went immediately after the doctor’s appointment and joined a gym down the street from my house, which is actually inside a hospital and very swanky. They have a smoothie bar and everything! And I can live with the $20/month price tag. Working out will be a lot easier now that I get off work at a reasonable hour. I’ve started swimming at home again, too. I’m doing between 30 and 45 minutes a day right now, but I want to eventually get back up to 1+ hours like I was doing last time. I don’t think I’ll be able to force myself to get up at 5AM, work out, go to work, come home, and swim, like some insane people that apparently do that sort of thing (I think those people only exist on TV, really), but I think I can get to the gym after work for an hour, then come home and swim for an hour. That sounds pretty doable.

With just the swimming I’m already down a pound from last week, even with all the yummy things we ate over Memorial Day weekend, so I’m feeling pretty good about my chances of hitting my goal by this time next year.

Summer is officially starting now, since M is heading out at the end of the week to visit his dad in El Paso. It’s become sort of a summer tradition that the first few weeks after the semester is out, he heads to the desert. I’ll have about a week or so on my own, in which time I plan to scrub down the entire room. He won’t be there at his desk as the immovable gaming object, getting in the way of my cleaning efforts! I can finally get under the desk to give the floor a good scrub, and to the shelves on the other side of the desk so I can pack it all up and put it in storage. Since we put in the little kitchen area, we’re back to space being at a premium, so anything that can go into storage, is going into storage.


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