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Alright, so, one of my goals for next year was to reassemble something like a social life, and I'm getting a jump on that goal this weekend. There has been a Christmas concert advertised on the local classical music station, and they are performing a bunch of my favorite pieces, so I'm planning to attend. Especially since it's free! I've never been to a concert held in a church, so it will be interesting to see how the sound differs from a concert hall.

Then afterward, it's to Dallas for Krampus Nacht! A friend of mine is doing her sideshow routine at the event, so I'm mainly going to see her, but it will be fun to get all gothed up again and enjoy some fun. I think the last time I went to any club was about eight years ago. Yeesh.

I'm also pretty excited about January, because there's a new English Country Dancing group that just started up in town, and they're having a Regency-themed dance for Twelfth Night. :D I have nothing to wear, but I think I can whip up something Regency pretty quickly, especially if I pick up a length of African George fabric in Dallas. It's pretty flashy, so it makes great gowns. I used it to make my green dress, but as much as I love that one, I'm a little tired of wearing it to everything. Maybe lavender for the new one? We'll see what's available at the warehouses when I go on Saturday.

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