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2018 Costume Planning and Random Thoughts

I updated the list on my blog of all the events I intend to attend next year, and holy travel fund, Batman, I'm going to need to start doing some saving! As it stands right now:

Elizabethan Dressing Demonstration - February, 2018 - Watauga, TX

Francaise Dinner - March 17, 2018, Arlington, VA

Party Like a Vanderbilt: Titanic Weekend at the Biltmore Estate - April 13 -15- Asheville, NC

Fetes Galantes - May 29, 2018 - Versailles, France

Costume College - July 26 - 30, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA

Star Trek Convention Las Vegas - August 1 - 5, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV


So much travel! It's exciting, because I love to travel, and I've had so much unsatisfied wanderlust these past few years that this list really makes me happy. On the other hand, money. So much. The dressing demo is easy, I just need to take something out of storage, make sure it fits, and spruce it if needed.

I'm debating on wearing the ivory and blue sacque to the Francaise Dinner, or making a new sacque out of that fabulous purple damask I picked up. It's so freaking pretty but the ivory and blue sacque is also nearly done, and it's super pretty, so I'm torn. I also have the brown embroidered fabric, which would look amazing with some fly fringe. So many choices! M is getting a new suit for this, as well, and I'm planning to start the embroidery on it next week. It's a fairly simple suit, so it should be done before the end of the year. It not being in CW this year is a bummer, but it also lightens my sewing load since I don't have to plan costumes for several days.

The Biltmore Estate party is a full costume weekend, so I need a wardrobe of Teens stuff for myself, and possibly M if he wants to go. (Need to order a white tie tux for him.) So, that's probably three dresses for myself, two day and one evening, and two suits for him. I also need new undies for Teens, because I've lost or destroyed everything I already had. Yikes. Since the Titanic dinner gown is already planned for CoCo, I may try to finish it in time for Biltmore, since it's a Titanic themed party. It's in April next year, so it's doable in this time frame.

Paris stuff is about to be underway. I plan to sketch out M's embroidery design today, and have his coat pieces prepped by the end of the week so I can bring the project with me to work. It's an...ambitious suit. I want to give myself as much time as possible to work on it, and do it right. No crunching. My gown will be easy and fairly simple. The fabric itself is already heavily embellished, so I don't have to spend time on that, I just need to build the thing. I'll do that next Spring, so I can focus on M's stuff now. (I also read an article about how horrible the French are to fat people, so I'm mildly terrified of going over there at my current weight. After the holidays, it's chicken and veggies for me until we leave, so I want to wait until we're closer to the event to actually make my gown so it will fit me.)

CoCo is still being planned. Right now I just have the Titanic dinner gown planned, which I may already have done before CoCo, and the 1905 embroidered evening gown, which I still need to finish. I'll probably rewear some of my Biltmore stuff during the day, since Teens is easy, and I'll probably bring a Regency dress to dance in since Regency is comfy.

TrekCon literally starts two days after CoCo is finished, which makes planning vacation time a little iffy. They just had to start the con on a Wednesday. I'm happy that it doesn't overlap with CoCo, as it so often does, but it will be a crunch. I'll have a day to come home, unpack, repack all the TrekCon stuff, and mildly decompress before heading back out again. O.o Of course, I may also work on that day so I don't have to use that extra vacation day. We'll see what I can do about all that. I don't even know if I'll have enough time stored up after returning from Paris to make it work.

Anyway, TrekCon costumes will be mostly aliens. I've posted some of the designs before, and those are still the plan. I almost bought some black webby lace at Joann's the other day, until I realized that it was actually spider web patterned, which was not what I wanted. Blah. The hunt continues.

The only Guild event I know that is happening for sure next year is the Georgian Picnic, which will be in November like always. It's the 10th year of the event, so hopefully we can do something nifty for it. I'll probably have the Great Pumpkin done by then (yeesh, taking another year on this dress!), so I'll probably wear that, and M should have a variety of suits to choose from, so he'll be good to go.

I'm trying to focus on his 18thC wardrobe until the end of this year so he has a decent selection of pieces for events. Then, I may try and get his 19thC wardrobe up to snuff next year. I'm debating whether he needs a Regency ensemble, since the Guild hasn't done anything Regency in a long while, but he should probably have it, just in case. He needs some Teens/Edwardian suits for sure, and at least a couple more Victorian suits. Maybe I should aim for two from each period, just so he has some choice and because I like even numbers.

Whew. So much fun stuff on the horizon! The plan for today is to sketch out the embroidery for M's Versailles suit so I can start prepping pieces tomorrow. I still have to get the bridesmaid dress out of the way, so I'll pick up some fabric tonight and start draping. Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend. Then it's 100% Versailles sewing!
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