August 20th, 2018

Wedding Trousseau!

I've been stuck at home for the past three weekends because M’s been running around helping friends move or visiting them before they go back to college, but this last Saturday I FINALLY managed to get the car and do some of the stuff I had been putting off. The Big Thing I wanted to do was get the fabric for my wedding corset and chemise, so I headed to Dallas and poked around in the warehouses for a while. I found a gorgeous light fuchsia silk that I’m going to use for my corset. I want to embroider it with the same cream floss that I used for the green corset, and I think the color is dark enough that the embroidery will really pop.

I headed to Golden D’or to pick up some batiste for the chemise, but they were out of white. I spent a hot minute browsing their bridal section, when I saw that they had a huge bolt of cream duchess silk for $27/yd. I hadn’t planned on picking up gown fabric yet, but when the owner said it was a closeout deal and that she couldn’t order any more of it, I decided to go for it and bought 20 yards. I have no idea if that will be enough since I plan on lots of tiny pleated ruffles, but there was at least 40 yards left on the bolt, so I think I should be okay if I need more.

So, I guess I’m going to start my wedding wardrobe!

I’m going to start on the corset this week. I bought the Ageless Patterns version of the De Graceiuse pattern that everyone and their aunt has used for natural form stuff, so I’m going to cut out a canvas version and do some fittings, since I remember more than one person saying how short-waisted it is. I’m hoping to get started on the embroidery this coming weekend and power through it next week so I can do final assembly and all that and move on to the skirt supports. I already have the materials for the natural form hoops and a ruffled petticoat, all leftover stuff from the transitional dress at the beginning of the year. I still have over 100 yards of narrow lace to edge all my ruffles with, too, so hooray for fancy ruffles!