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Had minor moment of panic this morning when I realized how much stuff I need to get done for February. o.o My list so far:

new drawers (almost finished)
new chemise
new corset (almost finished)
transitional bustle
ruffled petticoat
simple petticoat
black gown: skirt, bodice, and overskirt
pink gown: skirt and polonaise
daytime capelet with matching muff
daytime gloves
evening gloves
evening capelet/dolman
daytime hat for black dress
suit for M: waistcoat, coat, and trousers
topcoat for M

I know I don't necessarily have to make everything on the list, but I do need all the new undies, so they need to stay on the list. The pink gown is a must for the evening. If I run short on time, I can nix the black dress and just make a daytime bodice for the pink dress. M already has a black Victorian suit jacket, so he can wear that if I don't get to the new one. He does need trousers, though. I'm going to order his evening suit online, since it's cheaper and less frustrating than making it. Gloves can be bought if I don't have time to make them. Outerwear is probably a must since February weather can be so unpredictable, but the evening dolman/capelet might be able to go.

~breathing slowly into paper bag~

So glad I have a long weekend to get some of this stuff done.

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I had a semi-productive weekend! I had the house pretty much to myself on Saturday, so I took out the new supplies and started on my new pair of drawers. I had planned to start on the chemise, but for some reason I really wanted to work on these, instead. Of course, I pick the most floofy extant drawers to copy that I can find, so it took me six hours just to get one leg done. Yeesh. But, at least that leg is super cute!


Each one of those little lacey bits had to be assembled before being attached to the leg panel, which took forever. Still, totally worth it.

The fabrics for M's new suit arrived, as well, and they look really fabulous.


The black and red will be the waistcoat. It was actually the most expensive fabric I've purchased for the Victorian weekend, so far, at $30-something a yard, so I'm glad I didn't need a whole yard. The burgundy stripe will be the suit jacket. Now I just need to find a complementary fabric for the trousers.

I dug out the waistcoat pattern I'm going to use and cut out all the pieces I need. It shouldn't take too long to put together, so I'm aiming to have it done this week, probably after Thanksgiving.

I also finally managed to find the green embroidered corset I had started last year. I haven't really done much more on it, I just transferred the pattern markings last night. I need to cut out the lining from some scrap linen I have, and then I can assemble everything. I have some flower-shaped grommets that I want to use on this project, so I need to dig those out of storage.

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15 yards of cotton cambric were waiting for me when I got home last night! It was very satisfying. This weekend, I'm going to try and knock out a new chemise. I know it probably shouldn't take the entire weekend, but there are a bunch of pintucks and other heirloom sewing type things going on in the inspiration I'm using, and I want to copy those. If I'm lucky, I'll take a stab at getting the drawers done this weekend, too.

The hoop skirts I intend to cannibalize for the boning should be arriving next week, if they're on schedule. I never received a shipping notice for them, so I actually have no idea where they are. I'd like to be able to make the transitional bustle asap, since the petticoats will likely be pretty time consuming.

But yay, I get to start on stuff!

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- Talked to my friend about skipping the Georgian Picnic, and she was super okay with it. Turns out she's swamped with work stuff, so she needed the weekend to catch up. Works out for both of us, and I feel way less stressed now that I don't have to make an appearance while I'm feeling so sad.

- Trim arrived for the black bustle gown, and it's awesome. I'm really hoping the cambric or dimity that I ordered for my petticoats will arrive before the weekend so I can start on something for the Victorian weekend.

- Had a happy discovery. I'm using a discontinued Simplicity pattern for my new Victorian corset, but was hesitant to finish it because I was questioning how accurate it was. But, to my surprise, I found a corset pattern in an 1872 edition of De Gracieuse that matched it exactly, right down to the weird square-ish hip gussets. It makes me feel better about using this pattern, so I'll hopefully finish up that project soon.

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- I love my boss. He ordered me to go home yesterday when he learned of my friend's death. When I told him I didn't have any personal time left, he said not to worry and that he would take care of it. I really did get lucky when I got hired here.

- Ordered all the fabrics for my Victorian undies, plus 2 wedding hoop skirts that I'm going to cannibalize for the boning. Hopefully they'll start arriving soon.

- Found some trim for the black 1874 dress that I hope works out. Ordered 20 yards. It should be here by Friday.

- So not excited about the Georgian Picnic right now. Dug an old dress out of storage to wear. If my friend wasn't so excited about going, I'd probably skip it. I just want to lay in bed and watch TV right now.

- Haven't actually heard from my friend about the Georgian Picnic in a while, so no idea if she'll actually show.

- M may have an internship with the State Department next year. It would mean that he'd be spending the summer in the US Embassy in Baghdad. We'll see what happens.

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Lost one of my dearest friends last night. Fuck cancer. And fuck 2017. This horrible year just needs to end.

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Exhausted and not feeling very type-y, but bullet points are a thing.

- Uncle's funeral was yesterday. Grief crying is exhausting, and I did a lot more of it than I expected, plus the 6+ hours of round-trip travel involved was tiring. Uncle Phillip was big into classic cars, and his whole club showed up in their classic cars, and they led the funeral procession through town, which was pretty neat. Haven't seen most of that side of the family in nearly 20 years, so it was nice to catch up, even under sad circumstances. My dad gave a really nice eulogy.

- I've given up on finding a place to move to before the holidays. For now, I'll just keep saving. I'm hoping to put another $2k in savings before January, but that would be a small miracle. I'll pick up the search again after the first of the year.

- I've also given up on trying to get my ivory and blue sacque done for the Georgian Picnic. There's no way I can finish it before next weekend. I'm going to just focus on finishing M's stuff, and I'll rewear my blue indienne dress with the mustard petticoat. I have a friend that wants to come, so I need to dig up my chemise dress and actually hem it so she can wear it.

- Will order the batiste for the majority of my Victorian undies today. The thought of how much sewing needs to get done between now and February is a little terrifying, but undies usually go quickly, so I'm hoping to knock those out before the end of November, depending on when the fabric comes in.

- New car already needs repairs. There's a really horrible vibration that we're hoping is just the tire, but could be a motor mount or a caliper, which we can't fix ourselves. Will be taking in the car tomorrow to see what the damage to our pocket books is going to be.

- Was gifted a really neat painting. Picking it up after work today.

- Finally having a night out with M, which we haven't had in ages. Dinner and symphony tonight.

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I think I've finally figured out why my eye has been twitching for the past few weeks. Ever since the wedding, I've stepped up efforts to find a place to move to. I don't make a lot of take-home pay (I'd be fine if there weren't a bunch of mandatory deductions, which equal about 25% of what I earn) so my budget for a place is really small.

We toured one place last weekend, just at the top of the budget. It was a decent apartment, but the neighborhood was sort of scary. And I've never, ever, wanted to live in an apartment. The thought of living in a box connected to people in another box is majorly depressing to me. Just standing in that apartment was already making me depressed.

So, I started looking at houses for rent. There is nothing in our price range. Most places around here start at $1200/month, which would 3/4 of my monthly pay. Anything under that is in a very stabby neighborhood, is too small, or it's practically falling down.

I stretched the budget a little and found a house that looked promising, but trying to figure out the math to juggle all the current bills and then pay for that place started to make me feel panicked, so I cancelled the tour we had scheduled.

M is no help at all. He isn't working right now, despite me practically begging him to find a part-time job. He gets so completely stressed out when he has to work and go to school at the same time that he just shuts down, which makes me angry because I was working part-time, running my own business, keeping up with my hobbies, keeping up a social life, and going to school full-time when I was enrolled. It's making me resentful, which is Not Good. But when he has a mental breakdown because life isn't going exactly his way (he's literally told me "I used to want something and I'd get it, and now that it's not happening it's messing me up"), I get annoyed and angry because I feel like he's being childish and immature.

I feel stressed and alone. I think I'm going to wait another couple of months, save up some more, and then try looking again. But this is killing me. I need this year to end.

Stepping up the Time Frame
Alright, so, since we have a big Victorian weekend planned for February now, I guess I'm stepping up the time frame for the Pink Project. I think with my next paycheck, I'll buy a good amount of the cambric and dimity that I want to use for my petticoats. I already ordered the absolutely insane amount of lace I'm planning to use (163 yards, thank you sale&bargain for being cheap), and I'm going to hit the fabric warehouses on Saturday morning to hunt for gown fabric.

My time frame for all my sewing has shorted by a zillion times, though. I still need to finish stuff for the Georgian picnic, which is only two weeks away! The waistcoat is nearly done. I'll probably jerry-rig some breeches for him out of some thrift store slacks, or just let him wear some of his khakis. Whatever. I still have a gown to take apart and put back together. But I have to fix my stays first so I can fit the gown properly. Ugh. So, today, finish waistcoat, purchase binding to finish the stays, and stop by the storage unit to find the project bag for my unfinished Victorian corset. Tomorrow, recut the tabs and bind the bottom edge of the stays, maybe get some work done on the gown if I have time, and make the dorset buttons for his shirt and my Victorian chemise.

I haven't done Victorian in a long time, so I need all new undies - chemise, drawers, corset, petticoats, and a transitional hoop-bustle for the early period dress I'm doing. I'll purchase some hoop wire on Friday so I can get that weird 1872 bustle creature thing from Corsets & Crinolines put together. I need to get the boning for the green embroidered corset ordered, too. Yeesh, so much to do!

Somewhere in there, I need to sketch out the pattern for M's court suit embroidery for Versailles. That's going to be my "take to work" project, since embroidery is fairly portable. All the Victorian stuff needs machine sewing, so that will be my "after work" stuff.

Somewhere in there, I have to remember to have a home life, do household chores, oh yeah, and find a new place to live.

Totally doable, right?

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Gaaaah, I'm so bloody sick of looking at this waistcoat, that I kind of want to set it on fire. I'm doing a final push today to get it wrapped up so I don't have to work on it anymore.


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